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If you have any issues with your dog, do not hesitate to contact me and we will find a solution together adapted to your and your dog's needs. All of my services are used in positive reinforcement, so no form of punishment will be used on your dog, studies have clearly shown it is not the best way dogs learn. If you would like to adopt a pet, educate a puppy, relieve articular pain for your dog or modify his behavior, I am the person to contact! 

*Languages spoken:  French - English - Italian

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Services offered at home

Does your dog jump on your visitors? Pull on leash? Does your dog constantly bark? Is your companion reactive? Your dog is aggressive? There are solutions to rehabilitate these problem behaviours. You would like to know which leash, harness, cage, bed to use? You would like to learn how to use a clicker? You are hesitating to potty train your dog on pads or to go outside?  There are tips that are very efficient for the each of the needs of your dog. You would like to avoid potential problem behaviours? You would go to add another pet member in your family? You will be having a baby and you would like to ensure a smooth transition with your dog?

There are protocoles for all these and more, contact me for more information.

clicker TRAINING

The timing is an important element when we work in positive reinforcement. It is important for to you take a clicker initiation course as soon as you can.


Proctocles made to measure to correct a particular behavior of your dog


Programs created especially for your dog to avoid potential problems.


Your dog suffers from one or multiple behavioral problems, no problem we will go through them together.


A course made to measure for your puppy, to ensure they balanced and happy


A natural way to improve your dog’s health or behavior


You would like to feed your dog healthy food but don’t know which brand to choose? Is it better to have your dog on a dry food or raw diet? Are supplements an added advantage to their nutrition? Which do you choose? We offer a dietary plan from A to Z for your dog.


I will walk with your dog that has difficultly walking on leash and train them at the same time. I can do it on a temporary or permanent basis. If ever you would like the tools and tips to walk your dog, it is always possible to do a family class at the end! 


You have a cat that needs to be litter trained or to adapt to the other animals in your home? You cat is nervous or anxious around visitors and you would like they be more at ease in their presence? I also offer consultations for cats


You would like to adopt which dog would be the best match? Puppy, teenager, adult or senior? Small breed or big breed? What will be the dogs needs? What can you offer your potential companion? We aim to match your needs as well as those of your future companion.


Member of  regroupement québécois des intervenants en éducation canine


Click here to see my video capsules and my students who graduated.


Click here to be guided to a website where you can find everything to meet your dog’s needs. Training treats, interactive games, bones, this website is unavoidable to fine everything you need to meet your dog’s basic needs without ever leaving your living room!

Now selling Canipro raw meats for cats and dogs. A balanced and nutritional meal to meet your pet’s needs.

More and more people are making the switch towards raw meat for its beneficial effects:

A healthy coat, less loss of fur, odourless excrement and easy to clean, better oral health, reduces health risk for your pets. Conviennent for pets who suffer from allergies, food intolerances, skin issues or digestive issues.

Contact me and follow à nutrition class, order the food, and see the food beneficial results on your pets

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